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This application is used to generate the list of broadcasted recordings (programs, recordings, titles) distributed in a given calendar year in the territory of the Czech Republic. The list has always been generated for the individual performing artist or for the group. The list only consists of recordings for which INTERGRAM collected and distributed the remuneration for the respective performer.

The access to this application is available only under the registration. The access is available only for a performer, a member of a group of for a heir for whom INTERGRAM collected and distributed a remuneration in a given period and who has a contract on representation concluded with INTERGRAM.

The registration is possible in person at the premises of INTERGRAM (Klimentská 1207/10, Praha 1) or online - by filling out the e-Form on the website. Both cases require Your Identity Verification. For this purpose the meeting with the assistant to the Director Daniela Nárožníková (tel.: 221 871 911, 777 266 926) is necessary to arrange. In the event that it is not possible to make a personal appearance in INTERGRAM for you, the verification of Your Identity can be effected at the Notary (on the pre-filled e-Form) or the verification is possible to make at the Municipal authority or at the Town Hall in the place of Your residence. The form with the verified signature must be sent by post to the address of INTERGRAM (Intergram, z.s., Klimentská 1207/10, 110 00 Praha 1). On receipt of the form with the verified signature the Access Data will be sent to you.

Steps for the registration:

1. click on the button Register (the right upper blue corner)

2. fill in the registration form and press : Register

3. please wait for sending of an e-mail with an encolosed Registration form

4. print the Registration form and let Your signature to be verified at the Municipal authority or at the Town Hall in the place of Your residence

5. after the verification of Your signature send the Registration form to the address of INTERGRAM

6. after receiving of the Form the access data will be sent to you to Your e-mail address


Please note that in case You have concluded the contract with INTERGRAM recently Your account will not show any data until the date of a next distribution of remuneration.